Light Control

Our new energy-saving series of Half-Light Controllers provides independent control for multiple ballast light fixtures from a single existing wall switch. Two Stage and Three Stage Half-Light Controllers can significantly reduce a building’s light output, enabling professional lighting users to cost-effectively enjoy the benefits of lighting control with just a simple toggle of their wall-based light switch.

Easy to use and install, Half-Light Controllers are fully compatible with the market’s range of popular fluorescent and HID lamps and represent a simple and affordable alternative to the industry’s costlier and more complicated dimming systems and components.

How it Works:

The Half-Light® Series installs in the wiring compartment of almost any light fixture and uses existing switches (*Except for HAF-AI) to start lighting levels at 50% and then can be sequenced to full light and then back again enabling a person to sequence through the dimming scenario.

*Uses analog output of a controller

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